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I hope you will reach out to me when you are in need of reassurance. When you are needing something more than what regular life has to offer. I always ask my spirit guides to tell me enough about your life to have you believe and also to give me the words you need to hear. When people call a psychic, they are needing something. My hope is to provide that to you. Never false hope, but an acceptance that life is unfolding as it should.

I have been doing psychic readings since 2007 and mediumship readings since 2016


How to Book:

  • Please determine if you prefer your reading by phone or virtual via ZOOM.
  • Decide how long of a reading you would like (options listed below).
  • Give me a call at 817.995.7755 and let me know the approximate date and time you prefer and I will do my best to meet your request.
  • If you get my voicemail, leave me a message with the details and I will call you back quickly.
  • Payments can be via Pay Pal or Square.  Your preference.
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I can support you with:

  • Relationships, Family, & Friends

  • Jobs

  • Life Guidance

  • Clarity & Insight

  • Dreams

How I Work:

  • Psychic

  • Spirit Guides

  • Mediumship

  • Healing


I started my spiritual life late in life.  I was in my early forties.  My childhood was full of fire and brimstone religion and no belief or mention of psychic or mediumship abilities.  Actually, my grandmother refused to allow my mother to play with a deck of playing cards when she was young.

When I was a young girl, I would know things I shouldn’t.  But I had no idea why.  I had this ability to “zone out”, but it was actually just connecting with my spiritual side – I just didn’t know what that was.

In my early forties my daughter told me about a visit she had made to a psychic.  So, my sister and I went to see what it was all about.   I felt at home!  I felt like suddenly everything made sense.

One of the psychics my sister and I visited also conducted “seances” – which were mediumship practice sessions it turns out.  She also conducted psychic development classes.  I attended all that I could and was surprised how quickly the information just flowed.  It all made sense now.  Throw religion out the window, I completely resonated with Spiritualism.

From there I studied by researching online, reading books, studied under two mentors, one of which is Matthew Smith of Arthur Findley College in the UK.  The spirit world is a wonderful world.  It made sense now about the voices I would hear and the things I would know and that strange “connection” with what seemed to be another world.

I met my first spirit guide in a dream, during a very low point in my life.  I will never forget this dream or that time in my life.  Since then, I have met other spirit guides, always in my dreams.  They have a unique way of letting me know they are guides while I am dreaming.  My ability came on very strong and very fast.

I originally taught myself to read regular playing cards in order to provide readings. I studied day and night to learn the meanings of the cards.  Before long the meanings of the cards were filled in with information from guides.  There was information that wasn’t in the cards.  The cards were just like a focal point so I could connect with my guides.  I have a psychic friend who told me that the cards were just a crutch and that I didn’t need them.  He pushed me and pushed me until I started doing the readings without the cards.  I would merely meditate for about 15 minutes before the reading and my guides would tell me all that I needed to know.  It still amazes me what I can know about a person I have never met.

My guides speak to me in theories.  They give me the idea of what is going on without invading the privacy of the person I am reading for.  As long as what I say makes sense to the person I am reading for, that is all I need to know.  When it is really important, they give me details.

My purpose in giving readings is to help others understand that there is so much more to life than what we can see. There is energy out there being manipulated by our spirit guides and our loves ones who have passed on.  They send us energy that we need.  Energy we need to learn our life lessons so we can progress on, energy we need to stay / get on the path intended for us.  They never intervene, as we all have free will, but they certainly send us the opportunity.  It is up to us to recognize and seize the opportunities.

My reading for you might have to do with relationships, jobs, money, opportunities but to me they are so much more.  They are a constant reminder that the spirit world is real.  For without my spirit guides and our communication, the readings wouldn’t be possible.

Regarding mediumship readings, connecting with a spirit who has passed on to the other side is a true privilege.  I consider it an honor to connect with your loved ones.  The thing about mediumship readings is that spirit determines who comes through.  I can never promise it will be the person you want it to be.  It might be, but it might not be.  There might be another spirit who is stronger or who has an important message to give you.  When receiving a mediumship reading, it is very important to remain open to whoever comes forward.  Also, remember to just answer yes or no, the information makes sense or it doesn’t.  Please try to not fill in the pieces for me, as this reduces my ability to gain evidence from the loved one who has passed on.

If it is a psychic reading or a mediumship reading that you are wanting, just know that I won’t ever tell you that your family has a curse or that you need to pay me extra to remove the curse.  I will never charge you for spells and I will never be dishonest with you.  I will always tell you what I see.  I see, typically, what is important.  There could be a situation you are concerned about, and it might be important to you at the moment, but in the scheme of things, it will turn out to be trivial.  Life has a way of turning out the way it is intended.  Some things might be delayed and some things might present themselves again and again until you recognize and grab them, but either way just know that life has a plan.  And that plan is always for your better good.  Everything is good, even when at the moment it might feel bad.

I hope you will allow me to share my gift with you.  A gift is, after all, meant to be shared.


A few recent testimonials from some of my clients.

My readings with Kendra have always been done in the spirit of truth and caring. A Reading with Kendra is like speaking with a trusted friend. She’s always willing to do whatever necessary to help me understand whatever it is I’m going through with a gentle and kind heart. I recommend her!!

Angie F

Kendra has helped me navigate my life’s journey for over nine years. Her guidance has helped me to overcome many challenges. Her readings are extremely accurate and clear. It’s a pleasure to speak with her, I always leave feeling empowered. Thank you Kendra!

Trenell C

Kendra is incredibly insightful and has an innate ability to help you understand what you may not see. She helped bring clarity and fresh perspective to some important things going on in my life. Kendra has a warm, kind spirit and a passion for helping others. I highly recommend giving her a call!

J Roberts

Kendra is great at what she does! She always provides specific details about what I am going through in my life, details I do not share with anyone else. She is very insightful and straightforward with the her readings which I appreciate. She is my go to when I need guidance.

Erika R

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